Charm Princess 


     Charm Princess Tangelica Dominae is here with her new releases! The first  Drink To This Remix

made way for her next new vibes and sounds from a talented charm slayer as she takes over to dominate

all female Mc's like no other. First get a taste of "Boss Moves"and share,post,comment,and love it . Every girl on this planet wants to be her

own boss in every way she can display.Next we have " Kiss Kiss" ,the vibe is breath taking pulling you in with more charm. .And you want some

more with "Mick Mack Blue" .It

screams come and get some ,but it's how you run game,lanes,and mains right? Feel free to follow on

twitter, @tangelicanew and .Streaming on AppleiTunes,Tidal,Spotify